Monday, September 17, 2007

Black Cat Craft Day

Today I made black cat crafts to sell on EBay. I bought a cat crochet pattern this summer and it makes really cute black cat magnets. I thought they would look really cute on a potholder and they sure do! I made a black cat with green eyes and an orange bow and sewed it to a cream potholder with black trim! So cute! They would also look good on sweaters, shirts, bags, towels – just about anything!!!

I also made felt black cats. You just cut 2 cat shapes out of black felt, sew a green or yellow French knot eye, and white whiskers. Tie a small orange bow and sew it to the neck. Sew both cats together – right sides out and you have a cute black cat to attach to potholders, towel, shirts, whatever.

The last black cat I made was a set of 3 small stuffed cats from a book called Holiday Touches for the Country Home. It is a Leisure Arts book that has tons of easy projects to make to decorate your home. You use a small amount of fabric, 2 buttons, stuffing, and some embroidery thread to make each cat. It is a fast and easy project. These stuffed cats would look good in a basket, sitting on a shelf, in a wreath, or sitting on a witches lap. I may make them in a Christmas pattern for tree ornaments.

I’m making penne pasta for dinner and thought some chocolate cupcakes would be great for dessert. I can’t get enough chocolate these days. I found several different recipes on the web for black cat cupcakes and finally settled on this one : I made Duncan Hinds Devil’s Food cupcakes and frosted them, then decorated with Oreo Cookies (a staple at my house!) and black licorice and jelly beans. The kids ate several after school and loved them!!!

I don’t always craft in themes but today was a Monday and I needed some inspiration! It made my day a little more interesting!!!

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