Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Candy Corn

Candy corn. You either love or you hate it! I love it. It’s so sweet and sugary you can only eat a few at a time. Ten minutes later you want more! My sister says: I hate it. It makes me sick. I only use it to decorate with.

What’s in it? I just happen to have a bag of Blueberry Hill Brand. Sugar, corn syrup, egg whites, honey, soy protein, salt, artificial flavors, confectioner’s glaze, carnauba wax, and artificial colors. 150 calories per 16 pieces. No fats. Lots of sugar.

Where did it come from and how is it made? It was originally invented by George Renninger in the 1880s and produced by the Wunderle Candy Company. Sugar, corn syrup, and water are combined and cooked into a slurry. Fondant is added for texture and marshmallows for softness. The final mixture is then heated and colored and poured into shaped molds. (Wikipedia).

I prefer Indian Candy Corn. It has brown chocolate at the top instead of orange. There are other variations including: "Reindeer Corn" which is produced during Christmas season where the yellow is replaced with red and the orange is replaced with green. "Cupid Corn" is produced during Valentines season, in which the yellow and orange are replaced with red and pink, and "Bunny Corn" which is produced during Easter, in which many colors are made for each kernel such as yellow, pink, green, blue, purple and white.
It is estimated that 20 million pounds of candy corn are sold each year. (Wikipedia).

Candy Corn is a popular decorating theme for fall and Halloween. Candy Corn Halloween decorations are currently selling in stores like WalMart, Target, Walgreens, Kohls, etc. There are candy corn candy dishes, candles, kitchen items, cards, tshirts, and more. I am making candy corn potholders and bags. I'm working on a candy corn coaster pattern. I also have glass pumpkin jars filled with candy corn pieces in my living room.

Here is my favorite candy corn potholder pattern:

You can also make an awesome snack mix by combining candy corn and peanuts – tastes just like a Payday. Delicious! Candy corn is a wonderful decoration on brownies, cakes, rice krispy treats, and cookies. Tastes wonderful too! Betty Crocker has a recipe for Candy Corn Sugar Cookies and there is another at cookingvilliage .com,1684,sLang=us&iObj=9812,00.html

Candy corn. Do you love it or do you hate it?

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