Saturday, September 15, 2007

Garage Sale Saturday

It was another crisp, cool, sunny day. I love this weather. It is so comfortable after days of sweltering heat. The day is so beautiful it makes you happy to be alive. It was a Saturday so I was pretty much free to do whatever I wanted. I chose to go to garage sales. I love to shop at garage sales.

I enjoy browsing though other people’s junk. I like talking to people who are having garage sales because they are so pleasant and helpful and so friendly. I like to make observations about them based on the things they are selling and how they price their items. People get emotionally attached to their things. Things bring back memories of other times that you may have forgotten.

Most of the things you find at garage sales are just other people’s junk. You have to go to a lot of garage sales to find things you really want and need. Just like you have to kiss a lot of toads to find a prince!!!!!

During this particular garage sale season, I have found a coffee maker for $2.00, new bedroom curtains for $3.00, end tables for my bedroom for $3.00 each, a living room lamp for $5.00 and many books and craft supplies . All were fantastic bargains and I am extremely happy with them. I bought a few lemons too! Sometimes you just buy things on an impulse and hate them when you get them home. You can’t return them. You have to give them away to Goodwill or a friend or save them up for your own garage sale!

Today I bought a lot of craft books to sell on ebay and also to use to keep me out of trouble all winter. If I’m busy doing crafts, I stay out of trouble and I find it very relaxing. Try it. Take up a new hobby today!

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