Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Halloween Hangover or what do you do with all that letover Halloween candy?

Too much candy!!! What can you do with all that leftover Halloween candy? Here are 10 ideas:
1. Chop up chocolate candy bars and add to cookie, brownie, or cake batter.

2. Use leftovers to decorate a gingerbread house. An easy gingerbread house can be made from graham crackers and glue.

3. Make a Snack Mix such as 1. Gorp : Mix equal amounts of M&Ms, peanuts, and raisins or 2. equal amounts of candy corn and peanuts ( tastes like a payday).

4. Chop up and garnish pudding, ice cream, or frosted desserts.

5. Having a party in the near future? Save leftovers and use in a piƱata or treat bags.

6. Make a brownie pizza and decorate with candy leftovers.

7. Donate to a homeless shelter or nursing home.

8. Hang it on your Christmas tree or use it to make Christmas Tree Ornaments. You can make a train ornament by gluing a pack of lifesaver to the flat side of a pack of gun or a candy bar. Glue on peppermint or butterscotch candy for wheels. Glue a caramel on top of lifesavers for a cabin, a Hershey Kiss for a spout arranging paper streamer to look like steam and a Rolo for the engine front. Glue a ribbon to the top middle for hanging.

9. Make an Oreo cookie turkey for Thanksgiving:

24 Oreo Double Stuff cookies
12 miniature peanut butter cups
12 malted milk balls
1 cup candy corn
4 ounces chocolate frosting
4 ounces white frosting
red food coloring

1.Place one Oreo cookie as the base. Put one teaspoon of chocolate frosting on top.
2. Place one small peanut butter cup on it's side so that the top and bottom are perpendicular to the base -- and stuck in the frosting. Place a teaspoon of chocolate frosting on the top(widest part) of the p-butter cup.
3. For the second cookie. Stick some candy corn into the oreo 'stuff' along one edge for the feathers -- pointy side down. They should fan out around the edge. If you have trouble doing this, you can help them stick with some white frosting.
4. Place this second oreo cookie (the tail) on it's edge and sticking to a dab of brown frosting on the back of the peanut butter cup.
5. Place a dab of chocolate frosting on top of the peanut butter up (for the head). Place a malted milk ball on top for the head.
6. Take a small amount of the white frosting in a separate dish. Mix in red food coloring.
7. Use a toothpick with the white and red colors to place eyes, and wattle. You can pinch off the small pointy top of a candy corn and dip it in brown frosting for the beak. This recipe and picture comes from

10. Decorate a plain Christmas wreath by gluing on assorted candy and a pretty bow and hang on your front door.

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