Friday, March 20, 2009

Easter Egg Tree

Spring is finally here!!! March 20th is the first day of spring this year. Although it has arrived on the calendar, it really doesn’t look like spring outside. Everything looks drab and bare even though the trees and shrubs look like they could burst out with leaves any minute.

I just made an Easter Egg Tree outside and it looks so pretty. I love it. It is the one bright spot in my seriously dreary and boring yard. I used my Pink Almond Shrub which is totally bare now. It is about 3 feet tall and sits in front of the backyard fence. I bought 2 bags of 18 plastic colored eggs from the dollar store and looped kite string around the egg putting both ends inside the egg. Then, I hung then on my shrub. It is very colorful. In a few weeks my shrub will bloom with tiny pink flowers and tulips will come up around the shrub and it will be really beautiful.

There are many different sizes and kinds of plastic eggs you can buy. You can also tie on ornaments and decorate with ribbons and bows. A large blow up or plastic bunny sitting on the ground would be cute too. You can use your imagination to decorate it any way you wish but your decorations need to be weatherproof and securely attached. Fishing line is very strong and nearly invisible. Kite string works well also.

An Easter Egg Tree also looks pretty inside the house as a decoration or center piece. You can use a plant you already have - a fichus tree is perfect for an Easter Egg Tree or you can put some cut branches from a tree or shrub in an ice bucket, large vase, or painted coffee can. They can be spray painted white or another pastel color. Secure the branches with floral foam or a mixture of rocks and water or sand or even plaster of Paris. Water and rocks are good if you want to use branches from a shrub that is about to bloom such as a forsythia or quince. You can make a tree skirt out of a decorative napkin, a kitchen towel or plastic grass. Decorate with plastic eggs, ribbons, bunnies, ornaments, and bows. For a more delicate tree: blow the contents out of a few dozen eggs and dye. Add silk flowers, ribbon and ornaments. I have some cute crocheted bunnies in my store which would look cute on a tree. You could also hang your Easter candy on the tree.

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