Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shoe Addicts Anonymous Review

I just finished reading a really good book: Shoe Addicts Anonymous by Beth Harbison. If you liked the Shopoholic series by Sophie Kinsella or In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner you will love this book. It can really create an emotional response to those of us who are struggling to pay off credit cards and stay out of debt.

Shoe Addicts Anonymous is a fictional story set in Washington D.C. about 3 lonely women who are brought together by their lust for fabulous footwear. Helen Zaharis is tightly controlled by her politician husband who is threatening to cancel her credit cards if she keeps refusing to get pregnant. Her husband is cheating on her and her life is a bore so she rewards and comforts herself with expensive shoes. Lorna Rafferty is a financial disaster - her electricity was just turned off for nonpaymnent and she has an Ebay addiction. She buys shoes believing that if she has the right shoe she will find the Prince charming that goes with the shoe. Sandra Vanderslice can afford to buy any shoe she wants and she wants a lot of shoes. Sandra has issues. She's an agoraphobic who cant leave her apartment and has a job as a phone sex operator. In a moment of desperation, Lorna puts an invitation in Craigslist for a shoe addicts anonymous meeting. You must wear a size 7 1/2 shoe, love shoes but can't buy them any more, and be interested in swapping shoes. On Tuesday nights the three women plus Joss, a nanny who doesn't care about shoes but will do anything to get out of the house, meet to trade shoes and talk. They form lasting friendships that will solve all their problems: bankruptcy, blackmail, relationships, etc.

You will sympathize with these characters and you will laugh and be entertained by their views on life. What a good idea - having a weekly meeting to swap shoes or clothes. I could certainly enjoy something like that. I absolutely love shoes!!!

At the end of the the book there is an exerpt from a sequel which is called : Secrets of a Shoe Addict which looks really good. It is also about debt and four different women who are trying to figure out a way to pay off debt. One of them "accidentally" hires a male prostitute using a PTA credit card while chaperoning a school band trip to Las Vegas. I think this book will be even funnier than the first and I am in the process of searching for it.

I have Shoe Addicts Anonymous up for auction this week on EBay but there are a lot of copies available on the site. I strongly recommend reading this book for enjoyment, escape fiction, and for commiseration!!!

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