Sunday, September 6, 2009

Best Friends Forever

I just finished reading Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner. I liked it. I have liked all of her books. My favorite is In Her shoes. Most of her books center around the transformation of the central character from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. This always gives me hope.

Best Friends Forever is the story of two oddball best friends. Addie Downs is a shy insecure nine year old girl with an unusual but very loving family. Her father is a slightly damaged Vietnam War vet who cannot hold down a job. Her mother is an enormously fat woman who writes greeting cards from home. Her brother is the only normal one in the family. He is handsome, athletic, and popular but very embarrassed to be a member of the family.

Addie is friendless until Valerie Adler moves into the neighborhood. Valerie is homely and lives with her unconventional, irresponsible, divorced mother. They become the best of friends until high school. Valerie blooms into a pretty teenager and is swept into popularity while Addie becomes a fat, sullen teenager who is the joke of the school.

Fifteen years later, both women have become successful, pretty women. Valerie shows up at Addie's house after attending their high school reunion and she is in serious trouble and needs Addie's help. Hoping to escape the police, they are off on a funny, intense, breathtaking adventure!!!!

This is aheart warming story about loyalty and betrayal, small town secrets, dysfunctional families, and the value of friendship.

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