Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is just under 3 months away! The cold weather we have been having the last few days make this seem even more true. I went to some garage sales last weekend and someone was selling only Christmas decorations. Most stores have their Christmas items out also. It is time to start thinking and planning this year's Christmas.

I wanted to really enjoy Christmas last year. I didn't enjoy it very much. I had to have a root canal a few days before and it went bad so I was in a lot of pain. My husband was working 16 hour days that month due to the mortgage refinance craze and was not in a good mood or particularly very helpful. My mother-in-law came to visist from Iowa and she was sick with a cold and very cranky. The only thing that saved us was all the planning and pre shopping I did the months before. It just proves that you never know what will happen and it is a very good idea to plan ahead. You can always make new plans.

I started a few lists this morning. I have a gift list and a "to do" list. My Halloween decorations are up and my Thanksgiving ones are in the garage and ready to go up next. I am going to get my Christmas outdoor decorations and wrapping paper down from the attic this afternoon and see if I need to replace anything. I bought a little black dress to wear to all my parties for the season. Christmas preparation is in progress!!!

I have been making Christmas potholders the last two weeks. I have been working on Santa Claus Potholders this week. I am crocheting bunches of little Santa heads from peach, white, and red yarn. Then I add 2 French knot blue eyes and sew a white pom pom to the top of his hat. I sew the appliqué to a black crocheted potholder with red and white ruffly border. They look like Old World Santas. They are very cute. You can see more pictures of them at

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