Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Clean House

A clean house is a sign of a misspent life. Nevertheless, after a 3 day rainy holiday weekend, I am spending most of the day cleaning my house. My husband, 2 boys, and cat have made a shambles of the place. It takes me about 3 hours. I have a system that I go through each time I clean. I go through and put everything away. Then I clean the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room first because they all have tile floors and I can mop them all with the same bucket of water. Then I clean the bedrooms, living room, and family room. This is a pretty thorough cleaning. Sometimes I just wipe off the surfaces of the baths and kitchen, dust, shake out the rugs, plug my vacuum into an extension cord and vacuum the whole house, and swifter mop the floors. I just read about a 10 minute clean up in a Good Housekeeping magazine and I may try it next week. Some people have a system where they do a little cleaning everyday for 10 minutes but I like to have all of my house clean at once.

Countdown for the finale of True Blood: 6 days!!!! Season 2 has been really good! HBO has the best series. True Blood is loosely based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries written by Charlaine Harris. The show is based upon the premise that vampires and humans can live together based upon the invention and manufacture of a substance called True Blood. The show is full of vampires, shape shifters, and all kinds of stuff! Sometimes I think this is so silly, but I love it anyway!!! What is it with vampires now?

I am almost done with my candy corn items. I’m going to make a few hats for gifts. Here is a link to the pattern I use to make candy corn baby hats http://peanutzmomspatternplace.blogspot.com/2009/01/newborn-candy-corn-witch-and-ghost-hats.html.

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