Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finger Lickin' Fifteen by Janet Evanovich Review

I just finished reading number 15 of the Stephanie Plum series, Finger Lickin' Fifteen by Janet Evanovich. I have read all 15 books and have enjoyed them all. Janet Evanovich makes me laugh out loud when I am reading her books. I love her sense of humor.

This time around, Stephanie’s friend Lula witnesses the murder of celebrity chef Stanley Chipotle who is decapitated with a meat cleaver. She escapes but is pursued by the murderers through the rest of the story. Chipotle’s sponsor is offering a huge reward for the capture of his killers and Lula recruits Stephanie to help her catch the murderers. Meanwhile, Stephanie has her hands full. She has to bring in some very weird bond skippers during the day while helping her sexy friend Ranger solve a mystery at his security company in the evenings. She has just broken up with her hunky boyfriend Joe Morelli and has sworn off men forever. Ranger is very tempting. Lula enters the BBQ Cook-Off with the help of Grandma Mazur and a cross dresser named Larry who has an awesome recipe for BBQ. Cars are blown up, shots are fired, bombs explode as the finale approaches.

I like Stephanie. She lives in the present and doesn’t think too much about tomorrow. She has good intentions but always gets involved in perilous situations. She is very easy going and friendly. She likes to eat horrifyingly unwholesome food like donuts and pizza. Her dysfunctional family is familiar and adorable!

Finger Licking Fifteen has a great story line and fascinating characters. There’s a little romance and a lot of action. If you have read her previous books, you might get a little bored with the same old car blow ups and her on/off again romances. Or, it could be like visiting some old friends that you haven’t seen for awhile and missed terribly. I can’t wait for # sixteen!!! Plus, Tri Star is working on a script for the movie of book number one - One For the Money!
Check out this cool website: for an interactive view of the "Burg". You can get an inside look at Stephanie's life and excerpts from the books.

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