Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sugar Cravings

I don’t know why I crave sugar. It is an addiction that I constantly fight. Whenever I am upset or depressed I grab some chocolate. The more I eat the more I want.

I seriously try to eat well but this summer I got into trouble with chocolate. My husband hated his job and my youngest son was getting ready to go off to college. Every time my husband said he hated his job or there was a problem with my son, I would grab some chocolate. First it was chocolate chip cookies and brownies that I always have on hand for desserts and snacks for the two of them. I stopped buying and making them when I realized I was losing control. Then I became hooked on semisweet chocolate chips which are really not that good to eat alone. I would grab a handful or put some on a graham cracker with a marshmallow and melt them in the microwave. Well, it turns out that I can’t have any chocolate in the house because I will lose control and eat it all if I am under any stress.

I weaned myself off by drinking fat free chocolate milk and hot chocolate and eating low fat granola bars with mini chocolate chips. Now when I get sugar cravings I eat a couple of large marshmallows and I have dessert once in awhile. But the damage is done. I had my yearly blood tests at the end of August and my triglycerides were sky high! My doctor said I had to lose weight and exercise more and take 2 fish oil capsules a day and lay off the sugar. Yuck!

My doctor suggested the South Beach Diet but I couldn’t do it. I don’t like fish very much and I can’t limit fruits and milk. I tried the Mediterranean Diet because I liked all the foods on it but I didn’t lose a pound. Finally, at the beginning of the month I got desperate to lose weight because I really wasn’t feeling very good either. I developed a diet where I drink Chocolate Royale Slim Fast twice a day with two snacks and a regular dinner every other day. The other two days of the week, I have a small bagel or cereal for breakfast, tuna and crackers, small garden salad and an apple, milk and a chocolate granola bar for a snack, and a regular dinner. The weekends I eat whatever I want. The Slim Fast really satisfies me and causes me to eat less all week. I think that I get used to eating less. If I am really, really hungry, I munch on carrots or air popped pop corn. I have lost 5 pounds this month. I wish it was more. I hope I can go back on it when I get back from vacation.

Anyway, I have to fast tonight for my triglyceride recheck in the morning. I hate doing that. I need my coffee with cram and sweetener in the morning to wake up!

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