Friday, October 23, 2009

World Series Thoughts

The World Series begins October 28th. Isn’t that late in the year? There might be some really cold games as we head into November. Especially if the Angels lose.

I hate to see baseball end for the year. Our Chicago Cubs didn’t even make it into the playoffs so I’ll be putting our gear away for the year. “Next year will be our year!” I hope! Miracles happen! We have a new hitting coach and we will be under new ownership! Maybe our luck will change.

It’s hard for me to get interested in baseball right now. It’s too cold!!! If I have to pick a team to root for it, will be the Phillies. They won last year! Can you believe they’re up two years in a row? They have won the World Series twice already: last year against Tampa Bay and in 1980 against Kansas City. I am rooting for them because Jason Werth is from our hometown. Two of our children went to school with his sisters so we know his family a little. This will be very exciting for them!

The Phillies are interesting. They have a mascot called the Phillie Phanatic. He is known as baseball’s best mascot. He is a fat, green furry fellow who resembles a bird with a big round beak and a tongue that sticks out – he looks like a Sesame Street muppet. There is a character in The Simpsons show called the Capitol City Goofball who looks a lot like him. He was in the closing credits of Rocky Balboa. He is a well loved character.

I will miss the first few games because I will be nice and warm on vacation in Jamaica. I’ll be rooting for the Phillies when I get back!

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Go Phillies!!!

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