Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jamaica Vacation

Jamaica was lovely! We had a wonderful time. The beach was beautiful and the weather warm and sunny every day. It wasn’t as hot as it usually is. The food was delicious and the entertainment was awesome! It is hard to have a bad time in Jamaica

I have to say it. Our resort wasn’t as nice as it usually is. We stayed at the RiU in Ocho Rios. It was our third visit. We were not able to get an upgrade and our room wasn’t as comfortable as the junior suite that we usually have. The bed was hard as a rock! What is the deal with these tiny flat pillows that hotels are using? I wish I could bring my pillows. There is just not enough room in my suitcase!

We had a lot of disappointments in the resort this trip. A good part of the resort was closed for remodeling which is probably why we couldn’t get an upgrade. The smell of paint and caulking was ever present and noxious. Our favorite Steak House restaurant closed after our second day of vacation. The air conditioning was broken in the Sports Bar. We encountered a few rude bartenders and front desk attendants. We both got sick a couple of days – not sure if it was the food or the drinks as we were careful about drinking and using bottled water.

Our flight home left at 9:30 PM on the last day so we requested a late checkout and were grudging given an extra hour. While we were getting ready to leave we had one rude phone call from the front desk telling us to get out of the room even though we still had 30 minutes left. Fifteen minutes later, a security guard knocked on the door wanting us to vacate the room. It was this last incident which has caused our decision to never return to the RiU at Ocho Rios and to seriously think about trying a different resort next year. We are planning to take our whole family next year so the RiU will be losing out!

We really enjoyed the Halloween Party at the RiU. There was a beach party followed with a costume party in the disco. There were some awesome costumes!

The night before we left for Jamaica, we went to a Bruce Springsteen concert in St. Louis. He was unbelievable! He rocked for 3 hours. We had such a good time! Bruce really interacts with his fans during his concerts!

We had a great time but are so happy to be home and back in our own big, soft, and comfy, bed!!!!

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