Thursday, January 21, 2010

NFL Playoff Sunday

Who will play in this year’s Super Bowl? It is just two more weeks until Super Bowl XLIV. The playoffs for the remaining 4 teams will be this Sunday, January 24th.

In the AFC, The Indianapolis Colts will face the New York Jets at 2:00 pm CST at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. It will be televised on CBS. According to ESPN, the Colts are favored to win. The Jets have a powerful defense and are overconfident but the Colts have Peyton Manning and are mostly undefeated.

In the NFC, the Minnesota Vikings will face the New Orleans Saints at 5:40 PM CST at the Louisiana Superdome in Metairie, LA. It will be televised by Fox. According to ESPN, the Saints are favored to win although it may be a close game. Viking Brett Favre won his Super Bowl title 13 years ago at the Superdome.

Sunday will be an exciting day of football. It’s fun to go out to watch football with other fans. It really brings out the camaraderie and rivalry between fans and adds to the enjoyment of watching the game. If you are staying home, start chilling your favorite beer or soda and stock up on your favorite snacks.

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