Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This and That

We had freezing rain this morning! It was so slick. Winter will just not give up. Oh well, at least I have a couple of things to look forward to. We have booked a trip to sunny Las Vegas in the end of February and are planning a trip to Playa del Carmen with the whole family in May. The average temperature in Las Vegas is 62 degrees during the day but it drops down to the 30s in the evenings. I hope it will be warmer there than it is here.

I had such a good birthday. My husband gave me presents and a card and took me out to dinner and then out to watch karaoke (I can’t sing but I love to watch it!). I got a dozen yellow roses and a small box of Godiva chocolates from one of my sons. I am now officially in love with Godiva Chocolates! They are the best! Then I had a surprise lunch with my daughter and son-in-law, younger son and his girlfriend, and my husband and more gifts. I am so lucky to have such an awesome family.

We went to see The Book of Eli this weekend. What a good movie! It has a little bit of everything – suspense, mystery, action, humor, and some violence. There is nothing better than going to a good movie on a cold winter afternoon and sharing a huge bucket of buttery popcorn. In the movie an apocalypse has occurred and people are running wild looking for food and water and whatever they can take from other people. Denzel Washington must deliver a book that will save mankind to an unknown place in the west. Gary Oldman desperately wants that book and they collide several times. There are many twists and turns and surprises. I highly recommend this movie.

The earthquake situation in Haiti does not seem to be getting much better. So much tragedy. My friend, Bruce works for the Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach and has been to Haiti many times delivering medical equipment and setting up clinics. He would like to share a YouTube video of what they are doing here in Springfield: and their website: . There is a lot you can do to help. You can donate money to the Hospital Sisters or Red Cross or you may be able to help load supplies or prepare personal grooming kits or medical kits. Check with your local newspaper to see if there is anything you can do in your city.

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