Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Las Vegas is Fun!

I can’t wait to go back to Las Vegas! We had such a good time!

We flew out Sunday morning at 9:15 on Southwest Airlines. It was a little bumpy but tolerable. If you are flying Southwest, you must print out a boarding pass 24 to 1 hour before boarding. The pass tells you which group you are in: A, B, or C and gives you a number in that group. Group A boards first, Then B, and then C. You can also buy an early boarding pass for $10.00 per person, per flight which assigns your group earlier. We paid the extra $10.00 and it was well worth it. We were first to board and choose the first row which was very roomy and close to the restroom and drink service. Southwest serves a complimentary drink and snack on every flight. Our flight stopped in Denver on the way but we didn’t have to leave the plane. It was cold and snowy and our plane had to be de-iced before we left which was a little scary! Some passengers got off and we got some new ones in Denver. We landed in Las Vegas at 12:30PM , got our bags, and found a shuttle to our hotel. It was warm and sunny there!

Beware the time share sales people! They are everywhere and they are relentless! They offer free tickets to shows and free vouchers for gambling if you will just come to their info meetings about timeshares. It starts in the airport and continues into the hotels and casinos and on the street. Just keep walking and say no thank you and make no eye contact. Once they get a hold of you, it is nearly impossible to get away!!!!

We stayed 3 nights at Bally’s in the North Tower. The pool was closed due to cool weather. Our room was very spacious but old and worn. Everything is very expensive at Bally’s and a little worn but it has the perfect central location in the strip. We unpacked and had lunch at the pizza place in Ballys, then walked through the Paris Casino/Hotel which is connected to Ballys. Paris is very elegant and I think I would like to stay there on our next trip. It has a blue lifelike sky and a 540 foot Eiffel Tower. You can buy tickets and ride to the top for a great view of the strip! There are a lot of nice restaurants and shops at Paris.

Then we started walking down the strip! I'll tell you more about that tomorrow!!!

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