Friday, March 19, 2010

The Thrills of March Madness!

March Madness is here again. Prepare to be surprised and astonished! March Madness is a montage of basketball games, tournament brackets, cute college guys, television reruns, Sandra Bullock's marriage woes, game upsets, Cinderella teams, and vasectomies! It's going to be a wild ride this year!

March Madness refers to the NCAA collegiate men's basketball tournament. Sixty-four teams will be vying for the national championship. It is a tournament of wild upsets, unpredictability, uncertainty, and surprises! It is the madness of trying to watch or monitor 48 games in 4 days!

March Madness brackets provide the map to the tournament. Brackets make it simple for the whole country to participate. You can fill out a free one at yahoo sports and many other places and be eligible to win prizes or you can pay a fee and fill out a bracket for a chance to win money prizes at work or with friends. Gambling is fun. Watching basketball is fun. Combining them is even more fun!

If you watch college basketball, you will see a lot of cute, hot, sexy college guys. Here are just a few to watch: Chris Kramer (Purdue), Jeff Adrien (UConn), Preston Knowles (Louisville), Jonny Flynn (Syracuse) and my personal favorite :Greg Paulus (Duke).

Don't worry about missing your favorite television shows this month as most of them will be showing reruns.

Crazy March Madness does not always refer basketball. Poor Sandra Bullock! She wins her first Academy Award and her much adored husband is caught cheating on her! How crazy is that?

Back to basketball: There have already been many upsets on the first day of the tournament! Ohio was the biggest so far. There will be more to anticipate! This is what makes it so wildly entertaining.

I love the tournament's analogy to The Cinderella Fairy Tale. the tournament is often called "The Big Dance" and "Cinderella Team" refers to a low seeded team that upsets a high ranked team. ( . Ohio from yesterday's games is being called a Cinderella Team. Other possibilities include: Murray, Cornell, Northern Iowa, Texas A&M, and Butler.

March Madness is the perfect time to get a vasectomy. Get a vasectomy Thursday morning and enjoy a long weekend sitting on the couch watching basketball. Many urologists are marketing vasectomies with basketball and even offering packages including pizza and subway coupons, free coolers and mugs, mandatory days off work, and frozen bags of peas to reduce swelling! ( This is an odd but true March Madness fact.

March Madness is very exciting and fun entertainment for everyone. It is not too late to fill out a bracket just for fun. You can find a bracket in the newspapers or on line. Many bars and restaurants have drink, appetizer, and meal specials right now and it is a lot of fun to watch games with other fans. It is also a good time to have a party!

Enjoy the thrill of March Madness!

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