Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World Cup Soccer Excitement

I can’t remember being this interested in World Cup Soccer before. It only takes place every 4 years for one short month. It began June 11th of this year and will end July 11th. I love watching it. There is so much action and the men are so hot!

Today at 10 am ET, the fate of the USA soccer team will be decided. They will play against Algeria. GO USA!!!! I still cannot figure out how the scoring works. You get 3 points for a win and 1 point for a tie. How do you get a negative number? Beats me, but I love watching these cute guys:

Lucas Neill is a hot, sexy, Australian. He is 32 and has gorgeous eyes. Australia plays today at 19:30 BST against Serbia. His shirt number is 2.

Joe Cole plays for the England team. He is 28, married, and a father to new baby Ruby. England plays Solvenia today at 1500 BST. Joe is number 11.

My favorite is Cristiano Ronaldo who is on team Portugal. He is the most interesting of my five favorites. He is a skilled player who has scored one goal for Portugal and received a yellow card. He is only 25 and has appeared in commercial ads for Coke and Armani underwear. Portugal takes on Brazil on June 25th at 1500 BST. Ronaldo is number 7.

France had a lot of cute players but they were eliminated yesterday. What a shame! There are many other hot men to watch on almost every team. Oguchi Onyewu on the USA team is pretty awesome. Check out all the players at: .

I just made a new batch of soccer bead bracelets yesterday and they are for sale in my EBay store. I will be wearing a USA one today.

GO USA!!!!!

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