Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Easy Bead Bracelet Pattern

Easy Bracelet Pattern

Handmade bead bracelets are easy to make. You can make one for every outfit or give them as gifts. Handmade bracelets make very inexpensive and personal gifts. I have been making Halloween and Christmas bead bracelets this week. Beading is addictive and fun. I have hundreds of different kinds of beads and buy more every week. For best results, choose 2 or more coordinating beads. You can use plastic or glass beads.


.5mm elastic cord
Craft glue
8mm beads
6mm coordinating beads or e beads
Alphabet beads (optional)
Charms (optional)
1. Measure your wrist. The average wrist is about 7 1/2 inches. and the bracelets will stretch another 1/2 inche if necessary.

2. Cut a 10 inch piece of cord to make a 7-8 inch bracelet. You will need about 2 extra inches for tying a knot so if you need an 8 ½ inch bracelet you will need a 10 ½ inch cord.

3. Arrange beads on cord. If using alphabet beads, start by putting your word or words on first and then arranging beads evenly on either side. (Hint: It is nice to have at least one wide mouth bead ending your strand because you can hide your knot inside it. Many of the silver and gold colored beads have wide holes.)

3. When you find a combination that looks good, tie a double knot and put a dab of glue on it. After the glue dries, trim the ends. The knot can be hidden inside a wide mouth bead if you have one by putting a drop of glue inside the bead and pushing it in with a toothpick. Dry.

I love making bracelets. It is a fun and creative activity. Contact me at jewelgirl22000@yahoo.com if you would like to buy a personalized bracelet.

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