Saturday, October 30, 2010

Giants vs. Rangers

The World Series has begun. The San Francisco Giants have won the first two games at San Francisco. The next three games will be in Texas beginning Saturday, October 30th.

I’m a Cub fan and in true form I usually root for the underdogs so I am favoring the Giants in this race. Their players have a lot of character and are very entertaining. Pitcher Tim Lincecum looks like a 12 year old who needs a haircut. He is nicknamed “The Freak” because he pitches right handed and bats left handed. He is an excellent pitcher whose specialties are 90-93 mph two-seam fastball, a sharp breaking curve ball, a slider, and a four-seam fastball. He is a slight figure with large ears and long hair and he really does look like an adolescent. He seems have a razor sharp focus when he pitches. Relief pitcher Brian Wilson is a very eccentric person with a dark black lumberjack type beard. He is a powerful pitcher. Then there is the Giants third baseman, Pablo Sandoval. He is nicknamed Kung Fu Panda from when he scored a run by jumping over the tag of a catcher during a game against the Dodgers. Giant’s fans are going wild wearing fake dark beards and Panda caps to support their team.

I am having the best time watching this series. It is just fascinating! I like the Giants. They are quirky, off-beat, unconventional and just charming. I am especially looking forward to watching the game on Halloween. That should be very interesting and I don't think we will be disappointed!

Go Giants!!!!

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