Saturday, March 5, 2011

Signs of Spring

Winter. I’ve had enough snow and gray, dreary days. I would like to see some greenery. My two young adult sons are at a Mardi Gras celebration in St. Louis, Missouri today. I’m sure that they are having a wonderful time. Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday and signifies the beginning of Lent. Tuesday, March 8th is the actual date and Wednesday is Ash Wednesday. That means that Easter is only 6 weeks away and that spring is just around the corner!

My midwestern town of Springfield will start celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this week. Everybody is Irish St. Patrick's Day! There will be lots of Irish food in the restaurants. McDonald’s is now selling Shamrock shakes. There will be a Sons and Daughters of Erin dinner this Thursday evening. The Sons and Daughters of Erin are a national group dedicated to preserving the customs and history of Ireland. There will be a lovely Irish dinner, beer, a performance by comedian Johnny Kavenaugh, beer, announcement of the Irish Man and woman of the year, beer, and door prizes. My husband and I are going. I think it will be a lot of fun. Saturday, March 12 is our annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. We are marching in it this year. I love to see the costumes.

March 20th is actually the first official day of spring. You may have noticed that the days are getting longer which is very nice. Any day now we will start to see the first signs of spring: robins, budding trees, crocus blooms. Coming soon.

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