Thursday, March 31, 2011

St. Louis Cardinals Baseball vs. Raking Leaves

Today is the first home game for the St. Louis Cardinals! They are playing against the San Diego Padres. I love the start of the baseball game season. It means cold beer, hot dogs, and warm weather. Finally!! My husband is at the game right now with 3 of his friends. They got Champion’s Club tickets, The Champion Club has reserved outdoor seating but it also has an indoor lounge, 2 ½ hour- all you can eat- buffet, private restrooms, and 2 bars. The tickets were very expensive, over $200, but well worth it, especially in this iffy weather.

My husband is very likely having a lot more fun than I am. I am home. I just finished raking the front yard. We have 2 large oak trees which have produced an over abundance of leaves and acorns. The squirrels have been very happy this year. If you have a leaf blower and a leaf mulcher, you can make this chore a short one. I felt like raking and bagging them today. I like the quiet. I am sure I will be very sore tomorrow.

I found a few raking tips I’d like to share:

1. Buy a good rake. There are a lot of different kinds of rakes. Be sure you get a leaf raking one with a larger padded handle to reduce hand fatigue.

2. Raking is good exercise. Stretch before you begin and be careful not to strain your back or arms. Lift with your legs and avoid twisting movements. Cool down when you are finished.

3. Wear gloves to protect your hands from sharp objects in the leaves and from getting blisters from using the rake.

4. Everyone has his or her own method of raking leaves. Most people rake them into small piles and put them into yard waste bags for disposal or other containers for compost and/or disposal. If it is windy outside, I try to rake with the wind into a fence or building wall to stop the leaves from blowing away. Otherwise, I rake away from the sides of my property into the center. I rake small piles of leaves and put them into bags.

5. Take frequent breaks. Raking is hard work. Stop once in awhile and just look around and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Just breathe in the fresh air.

6. Economical tip: I keep a bucket full of water handy when putting leaves into yard waste bags. If you add a little water, you can compact more leaves into the bag. A bag will hold 3 times more wet leaves than dry ones. Just add a little water about 3-4 times when filling a bag and push them down as tight as you can every time. It costs us about $2.50 to get one bag hauled away so that is about a savings of $5.00.

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