Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Recycled Coin Bank Project

Do you recycle?

I do. I wash and separate all my plastic containers, cans, and papers and set them out by the curb once a week to be picked up by our local recycling company. Yesterday I was looking at that stuff and I started thinking about trying to reuse these poor discarded objects. I realized that I could have a free box of “craft supplies” to work with every week.

I am very proud of my first project. I made a coin bank out of a Hershey’s Cocoa Box. I spray painted it and decoupaged it with some Cubs wrapping paper I had saved from a Father’s Day Gift. My husband loves it and has taken it to work and added it to his collection of Cubs memorabilia. He is putting his change in it every day.

You can use any kind of sturdy container with a removable lid such as drink mix jars, oatmeal boxes, salt boxes, or coffee tins. Any kind of paper can be used as well as photographs and greeting cards. Buttons, bows, beads, jewelry and other embellishments can be attached with a hot glue gun to the finished bank. I only had to buy a jar of Mod Podge Gloss Lustre. It is a water based sealer, glue and finish. A small bottle costs around $3.00 at Wal-Mart. It can be reused for many different projects. It is a very simple, fun, and creative project.

Coin Bank

Sturdy container with removable plastic lid.
Paper cutouts to decorate box.
Mod Podge Gloss Lustre
Sharp scissors or craft knife
Paint brush
Sandpaper – optional
Spray paint – optional
Acrylic varnish – optional
1. Remove label from container and wash thoroughly. Dry thoroughly. Carefully cut out a slit in the lid for inserting coins. You may have to poke some holes in the general slot area to make cutting easier.
2. Spray paint lid and container if desired in a color that coordinates with the paper or papers you have chosen to decoupage. Let dry.
3. Arrange paper over container to create the design you want. Apply a coat of Mod Podge to the container and then smooth your paper over the container. Let dry.
4. Apply 2-3 more coats of Mod Podge over container allowing to dry at least 20 minutes between coats.
5. Apply a coat or two of acrylic varnish for extra durability if desired.

Note 1: Lightly sanding the container before painting helps the paint adhere better.
Note 2: The bank can be decorated after the last coat of Mod Podge or varnish with buttons and other embellishments with a hot glue gun.

I had a lot of fun with this craft and am looking for more recycling crafts. I have ordered some books from the library and have some been looking at some web sites. This was my first time decoupaging and I think it is a lot of fun!

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