Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Save Money on Paper Products!


I spent $250.00 yesterday at Wal-Mart! I was shocked. Even though some of that money was on food items for my son who is away at summer school, most of it went towards household and beauty products. I can’t afford to waste money like that anymore. The cost of food and gas are outrageous and college is very expensive!

So, it is back to basics. First on the list are paper goods. We use a lot of paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, paper plates, garbage bags, aluminum foil, saran wrap, baggies, facial tissue, and cupcake papers. We can cut back or even eliminate everything but toilet paper, facial tissue, and garbage bags. Paper towels can be replaced with white wash cloths. You can buy around a dozen for about $5.00 at Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store. You can use them for cleaning and wiping up spills. Put the paper towels away for really dirty jobs and set out a few wash cloths instead. Some people like to use sponges but I find wash cloths to more hygienic. Used newspapers can be used to clean windows and mirrors. Napkins and paper plates can be replaced with cloth napkins and dinner wear. This will generate a little more laundry but it is worth it. Saran wrap and baggies can be replaced by using and reusing leftover containers as well as old plastic containers and jars. Use Pam Spray instead of aluminum foil and cupcake papers. Comparison shopping for toilet paper, facial tissue, and garbage bags can save you money and they can be bought in bulk or on sale. Watch your toilet paper hanger. Some rolls of toilet paper have a wide hollow inside that allows the paper to roll off faster and if you are not careful you can find yourself tearing off more than you need. I do not care for using handkerchiefs but you could sure save some money there. Some people re-use plastic shopping bags for small garbage cans. Then you can just dump the contents into your larger bag.

Beware of the generic brands. Some are just as good if not better but there are a lot of bad ones.

I have done these things before and they have saved us a lot of money. It is easy to fall back in the habit of relying on paper products to make life easier. It's better for your budget and the environment if you eliminate or at least cut down on the use of these products. If you do use a lot of these products remember to recycle and reuse all paper items such as paper towel and toilet paper rolls, paper bags, newspapers, junk mail, and cardboard boxes. It is not as convenient as using paper products but once you get in the habit it is pretty easy and you will love saving money and helping the environment.

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