Saturday, September 10, 2011

Middle Age Spread

Middle Age Spread – I’ve got it. I think I’ve had it since I was just a toddler. I am now in my first official year of menopause and beginning to panic about the size of my belly because it seemed to multiply in just one weekend last spring.  Very scary! When I was a kid, middle aged women wore stretch pants and large roomy tops and didn’t care about their tummies. They valued comfort. I have to confess that I am more interested in looking good. I know that sounds very vain but I’m not ready to look like a middle aged lady.

Doctors say the best cure is to increase your exercise, decrease your calorie intake, and strengthen your abdominal muscles. I didn’t see much improvement on this regimen but I’ve found a few other things that have helped.

Good posture seems to be critical to looking slimmer through the waist. Standing up straighter and sucking in the tummy is hard to do but the more you do it the easier it gets and the better you look. It is also an almost instant improvement if you can do it.

Avoiding foods that cause stomach bloating is helpful. The foods most likely to cause bloating are: dairy products, bread and pasta, high carbohydrate fruits and vegetables like apples, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, brussel sprouts, pears, and peaches, chewing gum,  artificial sweeteners, and carbonated drinks.  These are all my favorites so I have been experimenting with them. I have found milk to be my worst bloating problem. I really love milk and I crave it.  I do not like soy milk but I recently tried Silk'>">Silk Vanilla Almond Milk and liked it very much.  It was also very good in my coffee and scrambled eggs and cereal but the dark chocolate was the best. It tastes like a candy bar. I was surprised but it sure did decrease the bloating of my tummy. Almond milk is available at most grocery stores and there is a coupon available at where you can also sign up for free offers.

Other things on my list to experiment with are: Pilates, Abs diet, and tummy control clothing.

Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what happened. ~Jennifer Yane

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