Thursday, November 17, 2011

Turkey Prep

Just one week until Thanksgiving!

Have you bought your turkey yet? Just remember - if you buy a frozen turkey it can take several days to defrost in the refrigerator. A twenty pound bird can take up to 4 days to defrost.  You will need about 1 1/2 pounds of turkey for each person. There are faster ways but the refrigerator is the safest. A frozen turkey needs to be purchased no later than Sunday.

Turkeys are on sale this week as are potatoes, gravy, canned vegetables, cranberries, cool whip, rolls, etc. - just about everything you need for your holiday dinner. I bought 2 turkeys and a turkey breast.  My freezer is stuffed but I now I have a turkey for Thanksgiving, one for Christmas, and a turkey breast to roast for a January or February meal. I also bought most of the trimmings: rolls, potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, and cranberries.

There are many websites that can help you cook a turkey but I like the Butterball Turkey site.  It tells you how to plan the meal, how to cook it, how to serve it, and what to do with the leftovers. The Butterball site is loaded with good advice and recipes. They are also available by phone, Facebook, and Twitter. Best of all, they have free coupons and rebates for turkeys and other holiday foods.

Cooking a turkey can be tricky. You want crispy, browned skin with moist delicious meat and you need it to reach the temperature of at least 165 degrees to be safe to eat. That's probably why there are so many recipes and methods of cooking. 10 Weird Ways to Cook a Turkey is a funny article about cooking turkey. Some of them sound delicious!

To be honest, I have cooked turkeys that were not quite thawed out. You just need to be able to pull out the gizzards and stuff from the cavity and you can even do that after it has cooked for awhile. It takes an extra hour or two to finish cooking but you can end up with a very moist turkey.

Happy Turkey Day!

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