Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fat and Middle Aged

Well I just found out that I am obese. I thought I looked OK.
I had my 6 month check up on Monday morning. I have high blood pressure and have to see my doctor every 6 months. I am on several medications for high blood pressure and I watch my salt intake. We were hoping it would start to go down but my blood pressure is high and I am gaining weight. Can you believe it? I ride my bike for an hour 5 times a week. I watch what I eat. I don’t understand how I can be gaining weight. 

My doctor is checking my thyroid to see if it is functioning correctly. My exercising is good. He says that maybe I am not aware that I am eating too many calories.  Since I do not want to go on a diet or join Weight Watchers, he has advised me to see a dietician who will analyze my current food choices and recommend the changes I need to lose weight. He also said that due to my history of high blood pressure, I might be eligible for lap band or gastric bypass surgery. I will be researching those surgeries in the days to come. 

I am waiting to hear the results of my thyroid test before I call the dietician. I am pretty sure she will have me start with a food diary. Yuck!  

Monday afternoon I joined the YMCA. They were having a week long special where the yearly fee was waived if you signed up. Plus, you can quit with 2 weeks notice. Perfect! I was thinking that I needed a place to work out when the weather starts getting bad this fall and winter. I have been twice and I love it. I am learning to use the weight machines which will help me build muscle and protect my decaying bones.  I can ride their bikes while watching TV and/or listening to my Ipod. I also have access to the pool and pool exercises and group floor exercises too. I am thinking the yoga classes will help me relax a little. I’m hoping to get a little more socializing too. It’s all good!
More exercise and relaxation will help but I still need to lose a few pounds. 

Now I need to get my couch potato husband to join me.

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