Monday, September 16, 2013

Hollywood Adventure

We went to Hollywood yesterday! The Hollywood Casino in St. Louis that is!   It was Harrah’s Casino until last November when it was purchased by Penn National Gambling, Inc. and renamed Hollywood Casino. We go there whenever we are in town. We enjoy a little gambling. It's fun!

Anyway, we were not in town but Hollywood offers free bus trips to the casino from several cities in the area. It is a very relaxing day if you are careful not to lose too much money! Springfield schedules trips to the Hollywood on Sunday and Wednesday mornings and Saturday evening. Free! You pay nothing for the ride. All you need is a Hollywood Marquee Rewards card.

We took the Sunday morning trip. It was our second time. The bus leaves the Capitol City parking lot at 8:50 and returns at 5PM. It is a perfect time to sit back and relax, drink some coffee, chat, or read the paper. The bus is large and comfy and there is even a restroom stall at the back of the bus. It stops in Litchfield, IL and Livingston Park on the way.  

We had the Sunday Champagne Brunch at the Eat Up Buffet. It is all you can eat plus champagne for $19.99 per person. There is a breakfast section, salad section, carved meat and side section, Chinese section, and a dessert section. Delicious!!! If you gamble enough there you can win rewards to apply towards the cost of the meal. There are other restaurants for lunching but some are closed for construction. 

Right now the Hollywood is undergoing a lot of construction so some of the restaurants are closed and the layout of the casino changes daily. The hotel part does not seem to be changing. We have stayed in the hotel a few times and it is very nice although it could probably use some updating. You can easily win free weekday nights by gambling. Be sure to use your Marquee Rewards cards to earn freebies. 

After brunch we played blackjack, roulette, and slots. My favorite is the Wheel of Fortune game. I lost $50 dollars but I played for 3 hours. It was fun. I am not a big gambler and I am not a very good gambler. I set a budget and I stick to it, However, if I am having a really good time I will get carried away and spend a little more.  Sometimes I win but usually I just break even. 

Riding the bus back is very relaxing. You can have a few drinks at the casino and not worry about having to drive home. You can read a book or even take nap. 

I highly recommend it! Takes your mind off all your problems as long as you are careful not to overspend so just take a good book, travel pillow, and as only much money as you want to spend!

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