Friday, September 20, 2013

Lucky Bird Poop

Yesterday a bird pooped on me. I was riding my bike out on a trail when it happened so I couldn’t even wash it off. Then I thought, oh I think I heard that it is good luck for a bird to poop on you.

Not true! My day continued to go down hill after that. I read my horoscope and it was not a  good one. The computer program I was using would not work.  I turned on the oven to make lunch and smoke filled the house. The last time I baked, tomato sauce had spilled over and was now burning off the oven bottom creating a huge stink as well as smoke.  

The mail delivery did not bring me a check I was expecting. It did bring a much anticipated new purse. It was wrapped tightly in a box and when I pulled it out it, I created a 2 ½ inch scuff. I was so disappointed! 

The afternoon brought news that our friend who was fighting pancreatic cancer did not have a successful surgery. He had a bowel obstruction that could not be repaired and was given a feeding tube.  

I got in my car to go pick up a few groceries but it wouldn’t start. I called our mechanic and he said it sounded like the battery and he could stop by on the way home and try to jump it. He arrived at 5:30, tried to start it, and said it was the starter. He hit something under the hood with a hammer and we got it started. He said I needed to take it to his shop because it might not start again but he had to go home. I left it running in my garage while I called every one on my contact list to get a ride back home. No one answered their phones. My husband was at a bank function where you cannot use your phone and it was the commute from work/ dinner hour so no one else was available I guess. I decided to drive it over to the shop and take a taxi home and that worked just fine. 

After a dinner of scrambled eggs and toast, my oldest son called and told me his apartment had been robbed this afternoon and all his computers were stolen. He makes his living from working on his computer so this is truly bad news. He called the police and the pawn shops will be watching someone trying to sell his computers. However, he wants to come to live for awhile. Not sure if this is a good thing or bad but what can you do? 

I had a mostly sleepless night last night – upset stomach and nightmares.

Although today is a little depressing; it is cool and rainy outside and I am really tired; I am feeling a little more hopeful. It could be the xanax I took at 5am this morning to get back to sleep but I think I overlooked all the good things that happened yesterday.  It was a beautiful sunny day, I had time to take an enjoyable bike ride out in the country, I received a lovely anniversary card from my mother, I have a really nice, talented mechanic, today is my 33rd wedding anniversary, I am healthy,  it is a whole new day and I have a whole new attitude. 

May we all have a happy and peaceful day today!

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