Saturday, October 5, 2013

Girls Night Out

It sounds like a fun, sexy night but in reality it is just five old married or divorced women getting together to talk, drink and have some fun without their husbands and boyfriends around.

Every couple of weeks we meet at someone’s house or at a restaurant to talk, eat, and drink. We talk about hot flashes and our families and jobs. Sometimes we cry but mostly we laugh our asses off, especially after a few drinks.

Last week I hosted a taco salad night for the five of us. I sent my husband and visiting adult son off to get haircuts and then to visit their favorite restaurant. I served lettuce, taco meat, fajita chicken, and shredded cheese. The chicken was John Soules Fajita Chicken from the freezer department of Wal-Mart which was simply heated in a skillet for 5 minutes – so easy! I browned a few pounds of hamburger earlier in the day, added taco seasoning and water. I simmered it in the Crockpot all afternoon. I set out festive red plates and green napkins. The girls brought tomatoes, onions, chips and salsa. Someone brought cupcakes for dessert. We had a variety of beer and wine. Delicious!

We got a little crazy with the cupcakes. There were eight of them and they were giant sized. There were 4 different flavors. How were we going to divide them between 5 people so we could try each flavor? Well, we cut the first four into 5 pieces and shared and saved the others to take home. We each got a small bite of each flavor. I don’t know about you but I would rather have had a whole cupcake and I am talking about the chocolate fudge one.

We seem to be talking a lot about our aging parents and problematic adult children lately. We discuss
and try to figure what to do with these needy people. We all have them and we are happy to have them but they are very tricky to care for.

This week we got off topic on why does your urine smell bad after you eat asparagus. We looked it up on the internet but couldn’t find a satisfactory answer. Somehow this led to a discussion about airing out your privates. We all decreed that you should not sleep in your underwear! We laughed so much that night! Everyone had a really good time.

Laughing is good for you. Life is stressful and laughing makes you feel better. It causes your body to take in more oxygen which stimulates your all your vital organs. It relaxes your muscles. Frequent laughter can improve your mood and reduce pain. We really need to find more things to laugh about. Laughter is truly the best medicine, especially when shared with your friends!

I can’t wait to do it again.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Last summer we moved into a new duplex. We wanted to simplify our life by moving closer into town and buying a new home requiring less work. We love it! It is actually bigger than our old home but the yard is much smaller. We are closer to shopping and work. We no longer have to take care of a big yard and swimming pool.
I miss my old neighborhood and the small town adjacent to it.  It was roomier and quieter. There were great places to walk and a lot less traffic. I especially miss the library. It was the best library in the world. I can still use it but take some time to drive there.  

I thought a new home would be less work but it is a lot of work setting it up. We moved 33 years of stuff. While we were selling our house, we had moved most of our stuff into storage to stage the house. It worked. We sold our house the first weekend. We discovered we liked the decluttered look so we put everything in a storage space in the new house’s basement except the basic furniture. Most of the stuff is staying in the basement, which means we really don’t need all that stuff. I am still  
sorting it out.

Deciding where to hang the pictures was really difficult. It was so hard to hammer a nail into those nice fresh clean walls. We still have a lot of stuff to hang but we are still thinking about it. 

The hardest thing has been decorating for the holidays. Everything is different and I need a lot less decorations.


I love the space in front of my front door and window. It has taken me a while but I have it just the way I like it. The brick of our house is cream with a pinkish tint so I have learned to stick with cream, pinks, purples, and dark reds. I bought a daisy bench from Lowes which was yellow. It looked horrible out there. I spray painted it cream and it looks fantastic!


For fall, I replaced my summer flowers with purple and white mums and added one pumpkin and a couple of standing scarecrows. I made a wreath for the door by wrapping a fall leaf garland around a large grapevine wreath. I placed bunches of cinnamon sticks all round it and tied them on with pretty fall ribbon in little bows. It smells so good!    Simple, festive, and easy to do! Good from early fall through Thanksgiving! 

                                                                  Simplify! I like it!