Monday, January 11, 2016

January Blues

I'm on my fourth cup of coffee this morning and I just can’t get moving. I hate mornings.Winter mornings are the worst. It is cold, cloudy, and snowy outside. Very depressing. 

There is nothing to look forward to today. I have to diet, exercise, clean the house, and put away the rest of the Christmas decorations today. I have been avoiding these things for over a week now and I really need to get to work. All the dust in the house is hurting my head and making me sneeze and if I don’t get in better shape soon, I will not enjoy my vacation to Arizona in March.

I am still upset about the spat I had with my husband yesterday. Weekends have become difficult for us lately. We are always getting in each other’s way. He is cheerful and wants to converse as soon as he jumps out of bed. I need a couple of cups of coffee before I can talk. He has been learning to cook breakfast on Sunday morning because I cannot function enough to cook first thing in the morning  and we are tired of going out. He is really proficient in making waffles, pancakes, and bacon but cooking eggs has been frustrating him. He was very disappointed with the way his breakfast turned out. His fried eggs were a total failure but I thought everything else was delicious. Then I saw the kitchen! It was a disaster! There was pancake batter everywhere and the skillets were ruined! His finger prints were all over the place. I foolishly complained about what a slob he was and he got very angry. It put him in a bad mood for the rest of the day. 

Marriage is a difficult balance. Should you be honest or should you tell little white lies to keep things running smooth? It is a judgement call and sometimes you make the wrong decision. 

Let’s look for the good things:

I will feel really good if I can start living healthier. I just need to make better choices and think about what I am doing. I need to find foods and activities that I can enjoy and that are good for me. That will be a bit of a challenge.

I have the freedom to sit on the couch all day or I can clean the house when I feel like it. I will see how I feel after I have exercised today. Maybe I will be energized. Maybe I will take a lot of little breaks. 

Maybe the old ball and chain will be in a better mood today. He is usually a cheerful person but it is Monday so I don’t know how his day will go.

I’m going to keep telling myself: “Life is good.”  It could be much, much worse.

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