Monday, April 25, 2016

Cubs and Cards at Busch Stadium

We had the best seats ever last Wednesday afternoon in St. Louis Busch Stadium for the Cubs/Cards game. 

We had four seats behind the Cubs dugout at 3rd base. We were second row back. We could see everything. It was amazing to watch the players up close.

It was a beautiful day in St. Louis - hot and sunny with a few clouds. A thunderstorm blew in during the 7th inning and there was a rain delay for about 3 hours.

We met our friends and seat companions at Ballpark Village for an early beer and some appetizers before the game. Ballpark Village is the place to go before the game. Ballpark Village is the Cardinals answer to Wrigleyville. There are 3 floors surrounding an indoor center court containing a stage, restaurant, bars, and beer pong areas. There are several restaurants, bars, shops, and a museum of the Cardinals Hall of Fame surrounding the court. Tickets are available for purchase to watch the game from the rooftop at the  Budweiser Brewhouse. You can also just sit in there and watch the game on via flat screen tv in cool comfort. On that day it was a sea of Cubby blue and Cardinal red. While we were there, we listened to music and watched a contest to see which fan could eat the most jalapeno peppers. It was very lively in there and an awesome start to our adventure!

Go Cubbies!!!

We found our seats and had a great time watching the game until the 7th inning storm sent us back inside the stadium. We waited for two hours for the game to resume. We had found several other people we knew and passed the time visiting and drinking more beer. People started to leave and we grew hungry so we decided to get some food. We left and had a nice meal at Hooters down the street. Our friends went home and we walked over to the Lumiere Casino as we had a room for the night. We gambled and had a few more drinks. It was fun but I wish I hadn’t lost so much money in those slot machines.

Can’t wait to do it again! 

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