Tuesday, April 12, 2016

John Mellencamp's Plain Spoken Tour

John Mellencamp. I have loved his music for over 35 years. I ran miles and miles listening to his Scarecrow album in the eighties in cassette form. Last night I saw him in person for the second time in one year. I was lucky enough to see him last May in St. Louis. Both concerts were simply epic! 

Tickets for the concert sold out quickly the first day but we were lucky enough to get a set of 4 seats in the 7th row. They were over $100 each but well worth it. He was so close! I wish I could have taken a picture or two. The ushers were Nazis about cameras. The girl sitting in front of me was very nearly asked to leave. I don’t think taking a picture would have been worth the risk of missing the concert.  

It was a wild ride. Mellencamp is a musician who loves to perform and share his music. He is enthusiastic and energetic. He sings, dances, tells stories, and throws out guitar picks. He is one of those performers who show appreciation and love for their fans. 

He looks good – fit and trim, handsome, attractive - dressed in a dark suit. It is hard to believe that he is 64 years old. His voice is still strong – a bit raspy perhaps from all that smoking. 

Carlene Carter, daughter of June Carter Cash opened for him. She is a lovely person with a lovely voice and is the picture of down home country charm. After a brief intermission, John Mellencamp and his band came out on stage and played most of our favorites and some new stuff from the Plain Spoken Tour. He told several stories about his grandmother and where he was when he wrote “Jack and Diane. He talked about his children and growing old. It felt like we were hanging out with an old friend. 

My husband was slightly disappointed that he did not see Christie Brinkley who is Mellencamp’s current girlfriend. Other than that, it was the perfect evening!

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